Kathmandu – The Happiest Place on Earth

Kathmandu – The Happiest Place on Earth

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. Bestowed with incredible natural beauty, Kathmandu is the hub of global tourists. It is the heart of Nepal tourism and the largest metropolitan city in the country. The place has different cultural and historical sites which bear the testimony to the rich culture of the place. This crowded city of approximately 3 million people has residents from all across the country at the capital, and it is a great place to learn all about Nepal if you don’t have time to travel through the country.

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath is considered as the critical Shiva (Pashupati) temple in the world, and Hindu pilgrims come there from all over the globe, including from every corner of Nepal and India. The temple complex is a fantastic scene to behold with pilgrims, semi-naked sadhus (holy men), ritual bathing in the river, and cremation ghats. Pashupatinath has covered a vast area, and it is situated on the banks of the Bagmati River in the eastern part of Kathmandu.

Dears, monkeys, and beautiful pigeons can be seen around this temple of God Shiva. Enthusiasts from all over the globe arrive to pay homage to the sacred Linga. It is believed that the linga has been dug out from the site of the centuries back. One surprising fact about the temple is that it is the only temple on the earth where only Hindus are permitted to enter.


The golden color cloud with the sunrise makes you feel like you are in Heaven and the magnificent view of Mount Everest makes your visit a million dollar one. A great view of mountains, one of Nepal’s prominent attractions can be enjoyed on a clear day. Views can also be seen right from Annapurna in the west all the way down to Kanchenjunga in the east. From September to February is the best time of year to see these excellent views of the mountains.

Swayambhunath Temple

One of the most beautiful temples in Nepal, guests are greeted with golden statuary and treated to magnificent walkways with intricate ancient carvings. Hike up to the higher elevations to take in the sunset and make new pals with the friendly monkeys. Swayambhunath Temple is rich with artistry, history and oriental mystery. For a perfect vacation, make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes for the hilly terrain.


Besides these, Kathmandu is a home of numerous temples like Kasthamandap, Bhadrakali temple, Durbar Square, Temple of Kumari, and many more. If you want to go for trekking from Kathmandu, you can quickly go to any popular trekking sites such as Annapurna Trekking Circuit, Everest Base Camp Trek, and Manaslu Trekking, etc. For the visitor who wants to see and experience a city and a culture that is entirely different from the typical city in their home country, Kathmandu is a remarkable and unforgettable place in the heart of the Himalayas.